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Find a Way/The Hurt


Find a Way/The Hurt 2014


Tatham,Mensah,Lord & Ranks LP


tatham,mensah,lord & ranks 2012

Tatham, Mensah, Lord & Ranks ‘Mr Pickles Ep’


tatham,mensah,lord & ranks 2012

A wha him deh pon?


d e g o 2011

Part 4 / Dis Yah One I Love


shokazulu 2011

freeness vol 2

we gonna drop vinyl again!

back to the home of wax!

place in my heart

Taylor McFerrin feat. Ryat – Place in My Heart from Simon Benjamin on Vimeo. watch for the debut taylor mcferrin lp this year.

its fine its fine…

baker trouble,baker may and the rude gyal herself mica from micachu and the shapes…… out for mica guesting on dego’s lp

silhouette brown on nbc’s philadelphia 10! show

exclusives for members coming soon.

dego mix for spine tv

music of various genres .click the pic to get it

unreleased freeness…

something we made back in 2007 that never saw a release. we will be dropping more of these over the coming months. enjoy

nadine charles….

phantom lover

mauve ep by phantom lover


Buster Keaton from Plug Research on Vimeo.

musician, tv journalist and model..

Taylor McFerrin – The Song I Promised You from Simon Benjamin on Vimeo.

Ty is back

Soul Litchfield…

okp question time????

this is an interview with okayplayer board members instigated by Mdcl !!! (imcvspl) * List of influences London pirate radio stations and soundsystem’s in the 80’s.i didnt go to music school(wish i had in hindsight) instead i attended all dayers and blues dances.where reggae was played next to hip hop and house next to more ยป