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stu-stu-stu-studio time….

booooooooooy i’ve been under it the last two weeks trying to cover everything on the debut dego lp.thankfully i got help(co-production) and inspiration from lordamercy,kaidi tatham and mr mensah.this hectic london trip is meant to be the mixdown sessions but turned into writing more i am truely spoilt for choice!

lets bring back the robot

talking to the one and only Lordamercy now and he suggests a night of pure robotic dancing.COMPULSORY robot dancing into this idea big time as a former robotic child (yes i am made of metal, circuit boards and memory chips).check the inspiration get your electro/hip-hop and nu wave/romantic’s list ready.

long time no speak…..

whaddup? yeah, ‘It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you, without a strong rhyme to step to’ but my excuse is that i have been working hard on those dope rhymes for my lp.yeah after almost 3 years in Brooklyn i feel the only way i can express myself ‘shun’ ,is through powerful more »

aaah yeah

so the world cup is well underway.some tight opening games and now onto the suprise wins and more attacking football.i have no more to say as i have fallen  behind with work . all this three matches a day madness… it

1982 classic futebol…….13 days left

what exactly am i suppossed to blog about?

Hello folks, a fair amount of time has passed since i last ‘blogged’.The problem is i have nothing interesting to say nor have found anything interesting that you have not come across already yourselves.Well here goes the update of all that is 2000black and not.Silhouette Brown performed the first set of U.S dates and i more »

fatima – soul glo

reason’s to have children….

Spec Boogie…

Spec Boogie – Bed Stuy from Boombaye’ on Vimeo.

just plain rude….

dj fast4ward…

We did it !

Firstly thanks to everyone that has already purchased Silhouette Brown ‘two’, the result of which crashed the website temporarily!! we did it! At first i was a bit distressed until my friend reminded me that Radiohead’s site did the same thing on the release of ‘In Rainbows’…lol.Thank the powers that be thay we have Rucyl more »

i have failed already!

I have nothing new to report well i do but its way too early to talk about any collaborations im doing or other releases apart from Silhouette Brown’s ‘two’. 2banksof4 remixed ‘Constant Questions’ and you can hear that on the post before this one. We are top of the league,i said we are top of more »

it’s a new dawn

After years of internet denial and constant badgering from colleagues, friends and family, I have finally arrived online to let you (that have any slight interest) know about the tom foolery I am under and the musical bravado of 2000black. I am not comfortable with this at all but as my peoples say ‘you have more »