place in my heart

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Taylor McFerrin feat. Ryat – Place in My Heart from Simon Benjamin on Vimeo.

watch for the debut taylor mcferrin lp this year.

its fine its fine…

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baker trouble,baker may and the rude gyal herself mica from micachu and the shapes…… out for mica guesting on dego’s lp

im not in it !

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if i catch him breaking into my yard again and leaving another pair of socks and aftershave it will end up ugly.

silhouette brown on nbc’s philadelphia 10! show

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stu-stu-stu-studio time….

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booooooooooy i’ve been under it the last two weeks trying to cover everything on the debut dego lp.thankfully i got help(co-production) and inspiration from lordamercy,kaidi tatham and mr mensah.this hectic london trip is meant to be the mixdown sessions but turned into writing more i am truely spoilt for choice!

exclusives for members coming soon.

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lets bring back the robot

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talking to the one and only Lordamercy now and he suggests a night of pure robotic dancing.COMPULSORY robot dancing into this idea big time as a former robotic child (yes i am made of metal, circuit boards and memory chips).check the inspiration get your electro/hip-hop and nu wave/romantic’s list ready.

dego mix for spine tv

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music of various genres .click the pic to get it

unreleased freeness…

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something we made back in 2007 that never saw a release.
we will be dropping more of these over the coming months.

long time no speak…..

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yeah, ‘It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you, without a strong rhyme to step to’ but my excuse is that i have been working hard on those dope rhymes for my lp.yeah after almost 3 years in Brooklyn i feel the only way i can express myself ‘shun’ ,is through powerful word play syncopated to my cranky get ready for the debut lp sorry cd oh no i mean download release! no no no i wouldn’t put anyone through that kind of torture although having been exposed to what some of the kids are rhyming im sure i could not do any worst.

oh so in may 2007 i went on tour in japan with mr kaidi tatham and a mr m.c motet.nuff jokes were had and childish pranks etc but something very sinister came out of this trip.motet was pushing gear for some big names and after 10days with him i could no longer resist and dropped back into an addiction i thought i had beat in my early twenties.years later i am still suffering and cursing his name.check out the gear below that has me high or willing to pawn my mum’s cassette radio for! hey f@*k you motet!?!?

nadine charles….

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phantom lover

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mauve ep by phantom lover

aaah yeah

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so the world cup is well underway.some tight opening games and now onto the suprise wins and more attacking football.i have no more to say as i have fallenĀ  behind with work . all this three matches a day madness… it

sounds amAAAAAAAzing!

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Buster Keaton from Plug Research on Vimeo.

1982 classic futebol…….13 days left

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musician, tv journalist and model..

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Taylor McFerrin – The Song I Promised You from Simon Benjamin on Vimeo.

a bit disturbing!

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what exactly am i suppossed to blog about?

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Hello folks, a fair amount of time has passed since i last ‘blogged’.The problem is i have nothing interesting to say nor have found anything interesting that you have not come across already yourselves.Well here goes the update of all that is 2000black and not.Silhouette Brown performed the first set of U.S dates and i must say it was pleasing to meet people with a passion for soulful music and independent bands such as ourselves.Big up your status Chris & Dom for keeping the groove and to Alma displaying how good live vocals can be.Oh and the biggest thanks goes out to the U.S Department of Homeland Security for taking apart my Moog Prodigy busting s**t and not putting it back together properly.Dont worry Terrorist have moved on from analogue synth bombs!!

Chris,Mary & Dom backstage NYC gig

Silhouette Brown live at S.O.B's

Alma the voice and Dom the bass.

In other music news i must say a shout to Theo Parrish and Francois K for the Deep Space anniversary, twas a fine evening but i just dont have the legs for all night raving, I was falling asleep by 12!!!Luckily I got some white labels from Theo so i can party at home in the daytime whilst awake.Im into the Floating Points ‘Peoples Potential’ reminds me of Detroit and Chicago back in the day also feeling something Dave Soul in Atlanta played Mono-Poly ‘Oil Fields’, heavy.

On another note the premiership passed my Arsenal by and they now play as if they wished it was all over a month ago,oh excuse me it was over a month ago.Anyways only another 37 days til i cheerĀ  for Korea.

Ty is back

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